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Get all your marketing, clients and opportunities in one place, working together seamlessly. 


The Challenge with Small Business Marketing


Most small businesses don’t start out with a ton of cash and a fully trained team to help them run the business. You start with the necessities. Telling yourself when the money comes in, I’ll hire someone to do this for me.

The problem is if people don’t know what you offer and how to contact you, the money doesn’t come in.
You need better marketing!


Hiring someone to do it for you is expensive. Trying to do it yourself is overwhelming, time-consuming
and also expensive.


Most owners end up doing some or all of their small business marketing themselves. Which isn’t a bad thing, no one knows your business and clients better than you. Where things get tricky is this is a digital age. Consumers have more options at their fingertips now, than ever before. 

I mean you know the basics, sure. Website. Email. Social Media.

But then there’s the other stuff. Keeping your website and social media updated. Creating content. Making sure you show in online search directories. Tracking down how leads contacted you.

“Was that message sent through email, text message, Facebook messenger??? Oh, crap I can’t remember. They’ve probably already found someone else by now.” <- Sound familar?

Let’s not forget the multiple places you have to log in to, in order to create, manage and review all this marketing stuff. Most business owners have 8+ websites/software systems they are bouncing between in order to handle their marketing.

And most days you just don’t want to do it because it’s too complicated. You feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. It takes more time than you have to figure it out. Plus, you have more important things to do.



We don’t make small business marketing easy, but we do make it easier!


…and also more affordable. #winning

Everything you need, in one spot. 

No more: 

  • Logging into multiple places to manage your marketing needs
  • Paying multiple monthly subscription fees for VOIP, email marketing, social media scheduling, appointment calendars, website hosting, etc.
  •  Trying to connect all the things you use so that leads and clients can flow through your system automatically
  • Not having a reliable resource to help guide you when you need it.


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The all-in-one marketing solution by Cloud Cycle Marketing

See What Cumulus Pro Can Do For You

CRM "Customer Relationship Manager"

Manage your contacts and sales pipelines all in one place. Grow your list and know where your leads are coming from. Easily stay in the know with your customers last interactions with notes and communications.


Stop chasing down communications sent through different channels. receive and respond to all your Google Business, Messenger, Instagram, texts, calls and emails in one place, attached to the contact that sent them.

Online Review Generation

Online reviews are the new word of mouth. People now go online to see reviews before making purchasing decisions. Getting reviews for your business can be hard. with us growing online reviews is easy.

Appointment Scheduling

Allow leads and clients to schedule time with you online easily. send out scheduling links allowing your contacts to book. connect to your Google calendar for easy syncing. Works with teams & ability to charge for appointments.

Social Media Scheduling

Schedule your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google business posts all at once inside our easy-to-use platform. Preview before you post and get reports all in one place. 

Web Design & Hosting

You need a website. Social media and Google my business listings are no replacement for a good website that YOU CONTROL. Cumulus Pro allows you to host & build your website easily. Need help? Ask us how you can get a website designed by our pros for free!

Off-Page SEO

What does that mean? If people are having trouble finding you online and in maps/navigation apps, YOU NEED off-Page Seo. It's a cost-effective way to be found online and get traffic to your location and website. Unleash the Power of YEXT with our Premium Plan.

Email & SMS Text Marketing

Email and Text marketing are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and not as costly as most other forms of marketing. It's a great way to keep your current contact list engaged, informed, and returning to your business over and over.

Live Chat & Automated Conversations

Tired of having the same conversations over and Over on Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and over text? We help you save time by building intuitive Chat Bots that help your customers get the answers they need automatically, 24/7.

Funnels & Automations

Help move your clients and leads through your sales process easily with marketing funnels and automations. Set triggers that automatically send out communications, change a pipeline stage, request an appointment, connect to your online advertising and much more.

Products & Payments

Setup digital products that can be purchased online. Send invoices and collect payments on the go with our payment feature. Connects to stripe or paypal for easy online payment processing. Use our Mobile app to create and send when out of the office.


Easily connect your Facebook and Google Ads to see reports inside C2M. Monitor your pipeline and conversion performance. See appointment reports, call reports and where your leads come from.

Online Courses

Build your own online courses and trainings to use with employees, clients or sell online. Choose whether to make your course free, one-time fee or recurring subscription.

Mobile App

Access your contacts, opportunities, communications and appointments on the go with our  mobile app. Available on Android and iPhone.

Forms & Surveys

Gather the information you need with forms and Surveys. Request online signatures, file uploads, and other information securely. 


Why Choose Us


Amazing marketing solutions and a software system to manage them all is just the beginning. Cloud Cycle Marketing knows great service is the key to client happiness.

Professional Team

Our team consists of vetted, industry pros all working together on a focused goal. Your success!


Attention to Details

It’s the little things that often make something great. Project management is at the heart of how we work and deliver.

Easy Customization

Cumulus Pro can be adapted to your business needs and branding. As you grow it grows with you.

Making an Impact

We love to give back. Uplifting & enabling others is our mission. We give 5% of our gross profits to charity.


Our client onboarding teaches you everything you need to know about working with us and our marketing solutions.

Customer Support

We are here when you need us. How you need us. Email, video chat, messaging, phone or, even in person. 




Let our clients tell you why you should work with Cloud Cycle Marketing

I have been working with Cloud Cycle for over 2 years and I am super glad I found them. Marketing is an investment, but I would not hesitate to recommend Cloud Cycle. It has been worth every penny.

Amy Grimes


Britney is my go-to person. Her acumen for color, detail, advertising, marketing, and strategy is what sets her apart from others. Her honesty, integrity, creativity, attention to detail and meeting deadlines make her my #1 resource. I highly recommend.

Ken Michael


I love this company. The years of awkwardly asking each patient for Google or Facebook reviews is now a thing of the past. We are now getting more reviews than ever, which directly affects our bottom line. It's truly a no-brainer. Sign up with Cloud Cycle and watch your profits grow.

Mitch Stanlick

Owner, D.C

Our clients



Cumulus Pro Packages


Choose the plan that best suits your needs. Integrate Cumulus Pro with your current marketing solutions and site or simplify with everything in one place.

Best Value

* Additional calls over monthly allowance billed at $0.039 per minute. Texts at $0.0225 per text. Emails at $ 0.001687 per email.
** Included web design services limited to 5 page templated website, with one contact form customized to your industry and business brand.


How much can Cumulus Pro save you?


When working with small business owners we noticed a theme. They were using multiple software solutions, paying subscription fees monthly. It may not seem like a lot but those monthly subscriptions add up!

Especially if you are being charged additional fees per user, how many contacts you have and each social profile you connect.

Our system doesn’t penalize you for growing.
Unlimited users. Unlimited contacts. Connect as many profiles as you want. 

Cloud cycle Marketing gives you the functionality of all these software tools bundled together in one low price.

Compare the cost of other popular tools and see how much you can save by replacing them with Cumulus Pro.

CRM & Sales Pipeline

CRM and Pipeline software

Avg. Monthly Price $99+

Funnel Building

Funnel Builder

Avg. Monthly Price $297+

Website Builder w/Hosting

Funnel Builder

Avg. Monthly Price $29+

Surveys & Forms

Funnel Builder

Avg. Monthly Price $49+

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Avg. Monthly Price $99+

2-Way SMS Marketing

2 way sms marketing

Avg. Monthly Price $99+

Booking & Appointments

booking and appointments

Avg. Monthly Price $29+

Workflows & Automations

Workflow and Automations

Avg. Monthly Price $169+

Courses & Digital Subscriptions


Avg. Monthly Price $159+

Call Tracking

call tracking

Avg. Monthly Price $95+

Reputation Management

reputation management

Avg. Monthly Price $199+

Tracking & Analytics

tracking and analytics

Avg. Monthly Price $49+

Social Media Content Scheduling

social media scheduler

Avg. Monthly Price $39+

Combined Avg. Monthly Total $1,411+

Our most expensive Cumulus Pro plan is only $497 p/month and combines all the functionality of the software options above in one, easy-to-use system.

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