Create Reels Easily With Canva

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Create reels in Canva

At this point I think we all know that video is the most engaged with content on social media. Reels. Are. Everything!

Even posting a static photo in a Reel and adding a fun sound is better than just posting your static photo to the feed in some cases. I know. It’s a sad world we live in, but it’s the way things are now.

If you’re like me, you’ve learned that using the video editor in Instagram and TikTok is a PIA! (Google that if you don’t know what PIA is. ) So here’s an easy solution that will give you amazing Reels and make your life a whole lot easier. 

Use Canva’s Video Editor

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to create various types of graphics, including Reels. You don’t need a design background to make professional-looking content with this software. Canva comes loaded with tons of templates. Choose the one you like the best, change the images, copy, colors, and add your branding. Viola…you have a beautiful piece of content and didn’t have to pay a creative team to get it. 

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Canva video editor

To make a Reel in Canva, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new design in Canva and select the Reel template you like best.
  2. Customize or add elements such as text, images, videos, and illustrations to your Reel.
  3. Enhance your design with Canva’s tools and features, including the ability to add animations, stickers, music, and transitions.
  4. Preview your Reel and make any necessary changes. Don’t forget you can adjust the timing of slides to fit your music best.
  5. Download your Reel as an MP4 file and post it on Instagram or TikTok.

Pro Tip if Using a Trending Sound

If you are like me, you like to use current trending sounds to increase your Reel’s chances of engagement.

The problem is that if you upload a video with the sound, it creates a new sound link instead of using the one trending the best.

Here’s my solution to get around that pesky situation.

  1. Use an Instagram Audio Downloader to get an audio file of the sound you want to use. A quick Google search will help you find one. 
  2. Upload the audio file into Canva and add it to your Reel. Then adjust your slides and animations to work with the sound. 
  3. Download your Reel from Canva as an MP4. 
  4. Then in Instagram or TikTok find the trending sound you chose to use for your Reel. Click on the “use this sound” button to open up the native video editor with the trending sound loaded. 
  5. Next, upload your Canva video. In the native video editor mute or turn off the sound on your uploaded video. This will make sure your video sound doesn’t compete with the trending sound. 
  6. Adjust your video or the trending sound as needed so that they line up the way you had them in Canva. 
  7. Now post! Congratulations, you’ve made an amazing Reel, with a hot, trending sound. 

Good News, Bad News

The Reel feature is only available for Canva Pro and Canva for Enterprise subscribers. 

If you have a free Canva subscription, you will need to upgrade. Click here to get a Pro subscription to Canva. 


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