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Marketing and Advertising for small to Medium size businesses


Every business is different. Even within the same industry, the needs of one business can differ from another. Our C2M marketing platform can be your one-stop shop or help fill in the gaps within your marketing strategy.

See What C2M by Cloud Cycle Marketing Can Do For You

CRM "Customer Relationship Manager"

Manage your contacts and sales pipelines all in one place. Grow your list and know where your leads are coming from. Easily stay in the know with your customers last interactions with notes and communications.

Master Inbox

Stop chasing down communications sent through different channels. receive and respond to all your Google Business, Messenger, Instagram, texts and emails in one place, attached to the contact that sent them.

Online Review Generation

Online reviews are the new word of mouth. People now go online to see reviews before making purchasing decisions. Getting reviews for your business can be hard. with us growing online reviews is easy.

Appointment Scheduling

Allow leads and clients to schedule time with you online easily. send out scheduling links allowing your contacts to book. connect to your Google calendar for easy syncing. Works with teams & ability to charge for appointments.

Social Media Scheduling

Schedule your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google business posts all at once inside our easy-to-use platform. Preview before you post and get reports all in one place. 

Web Design & Hosting

You need a website. Social media and Google my business listings are no replacement for a good website that YOU CONTROL. Our c2M system allows you to host & build your website easily. Need help? ask us about our development support.

Off-Page SEO

What does this mean? If people are having trouble finding you online and in maps/navigation apps, YOU NEED off-Page Seo. It’s a cost effective way to be found online and get traffic to your location and website. Unleash the Power of YEXT with our Premium Plan.

Email & SMS Text Marketing

Email and Text marketing are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE and not as costly as most other forms of marketing. It’s a great way to keep your current contact list engaged, informed, and returning to your business over and over.

Live Chat & Automated Conversations

Tired of having the same conversations over and Over on Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp and over text? We help you save time by building intuitive Chat Bots that help your customers get the answers they need automatically, 24/7.

Workflows & Automations

Help move your clients and leads through your sales process easily with workflows and automations. Set triggers that automatically send out communications, change a pipeline stage, request an appointment and much more.


Send invoices and collect payments on the go with our payment feature. Connects to stripe or paypal for easy online payment processing. Use our c2M app to create and send when out of the office.


Easily connect your Facebook and Google Ads to see reports inside C2M. Monitor your pipeline and conversion performance. See appointment reports, call reports and where your leads come from.

Online Courses

Build your own online courses and trainings to use with employees, clients or sell online. Choose whether to make your course free, one-time fee or recurring subscription.

Mobile App

Access your contacts, opportunities, communications and appointments on the go with our c2M mobile app. Available on Android and iPhone.

Forms & Surveys

Gather the information you need with forms and Surveys. Request online signatures, file uploads, and other information securely. 


About Cloud cycle marketing


Nothing about our products or services is “unique”. You can find several companies who offer the same services & much more.

What makes us unique is our expertise, our ethics, and our quality. We put the well-being of our clients first.

We are specialized and focus on what we do best. We meet our client’s current needs, plan for their future goals and never force them into solutions they don’t need.

Our mission is to uplift and enable…

…Our clients. We want to use our expertise to help our partners blaze right past initial goals and land squarely in their dreams (however big or small they may be).

…Our employees. They’re so important to us that we’ve carefully crafted our Cloud Cycle work environment to provide a healthy balance of work and play. We want our employees to have enough downtime to pursue a fulfilling existence, and provide a solid income along the way.

…Ourselves. We strive to continually grow, learn and improve. We share our gifts and the lessons we’ve learned to benefit others.

Integrity: We insist on it, within Cloud Cycle and our interactions with clients. The truth and doing what’s right come before our own interests. We regularly ask ourselves, “How would God or my grandma feel about this decision?” We do not employ staff or work with partners that show a lack of integrity.

Growth: We are committed to continuous improvement. We embrace a can-do attitude, rage against complacency and endlessly pursue personal improvements. We embrace change as an opportunity to learn. We seek out and surround ourselves with mentors and people who inspire us to be our best selves. The more we learn and grow, the better equipped we are to serve our families, communities, and clients.

Balance: We believe that balance doesn’t just help us find our best selves – it’s also a prerequisite for healthy relationships at home and at work. We accommodate our team’s and our client’s lives outside of the office so they have time to focus on what matters most! We know we do our best work when we maintain a balance between our professional and personal lives.

Receptiveness: We are open-minded. We allow others to share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. We encourage a culture of openness and warmth, welcoming the exchange of ideas, and embracing its power to foster improvement.

Generosity: We acknowledge that our time, energy, talents, and money are gifts from God and are meant to be shared. We seek out ways to use our gifts for the benefit of others.

It happened on a cruise ship, while sitting in cabana on the sun deck.

After years of working in almost every aspect of marketing and working with various types of clients, Britney found herself working in a current company and position that no longer brought her joy.

Rather the opposite. She was burnt out. This was not the life she wanted or the way she wanted to help people with her talents. While staring out at the ocean admiring God’s work, she bowed her head and prayed. …HARD!

While normally God is not one to answer immediately, this time he was feeling generous. “Start your own company.” The message was scary and overwhelming. It took several months of praying “are you sure” before she developed the courage to put in her notice and start something new.

In December 2016, Cloud Cycle Marketing was born. Lots of things have changed since then, but praying to God has never stopped.


Our Skills


Google Ads
Social Media Ads
Marketing Strategy
Social Media Management
Lead Gen
Web Design
Email Marketing
Review Generation
Chat Bots
Graphic Design
Print Production
Cloud Cycle Marketing skills list


Why Choose Us


Amazing marketing solutions and a software system to manage them all is just the beginning. Cloud Cycle Marketing knows great service is the key to client happiness.

Professional Team

Our team consists of vetted, industry pros all working together on a focused goal. Your success!


Attention to Details

It’s the little things that often make something great. Project management is at the heart of how we work and deliver.

Easy Customization

Our C2M solution can be adapted to your business needs and branding. As you grow it grows with you.

Making an Impact

We love to give back. Uplifting & enabling others is our mission. We give 5% of our gross profits to charity.


Our client onboarding teaches you everything you need to know about working with us and our marketing solutions.

Customer Support

We are here when you need us. How you need us. Email, video chat, messaging, phone or, even in person. 




Let our clients tell you why you should work with Cloud Cycle Marketing

I have been working with Cloud Cycle for over 2 years and I am super glad I found them. Marketing is an investment, but I would not hesitate to recommend Cloud Cycle. It has been worth every penny.

Amy Grimes


Britney is my go-to person. Her acumen for color, detail, advertising, marketing, and strategy is what sets her apart from others. Her honesty, integrity, creativity, attention to detail and meeting deadlines make her my #1 resource. I highly recommend.

Ken Michael


I love this company. The years of awkwardly asking each patient for Google or Facebook reviews is now a thing of the past. We are now getting more reviews than ever, which directly affects our bottom line. It's truly a no-brainer. Sign up with Cloud Cycle and watch your profits grow.

Mitch Stanlick

Owner, D.C

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