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Nossi College of Art | 2020 Campaign

Feb 4, 2023 | 0 comments

After running a very successful 3-year online campaign for Nossi College of Art, it was time to refresh and launch a new look. Not to mention take a new approach.

As with each generation, there are subtle shifts in mentality between the beginning of the generation and people born towards the end.  We noticed this behavior shift in the Gen Z audience we were targeting. What had worked great two years before no longer appealed to this younger group.

We kicked into action by doing market research, looking at where our audience spent most of their time and built a new campaign around those preferences. While our original campaign focused on the amazing work the Nossi students and faculty produced, the younger Gen Z’s were more concerned with the experience. They wanted to see behind the scenes. We focused the new campaign on showing real students in the learning environment. Interacting with the tools and equipment they used to hone their craft. We showed classroom environments, interactions with instructors, and more.

This campaign was deeply personal to the college and so much fun. The current Nossi students got a small thrill when the new freshman class came on to campus and said, “Hey, I saw you in the ad. You’re really a student here!?”


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We created a vibrant, and fun campaign with the focus on the student experience.

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