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Dec 19, 2018 | 0 comments

We created a complete automated marketing system for TN Mortgages. Using our Cumulus Pro platform, we developed lead generation funnels, sales automation, appointment scheduling and reminders, review generation flows, and a unique sales dashboard that could be accessed through desktop and mobile applications.

The system was made for mortgage lenders looking to increase and manage their leads.


There is an easier way to attract mortgage leads in Tennessee


TN Mortgages

Done for you marketing that attracts new leads, schedules consultations and generates online reviews for you.


How it worked

The TN Mortgages Lead System at a Glance

We Ran Ads on Facebook, Instagram & Google.

We got the word out by targeting potential homebuyers (new mortgage) and current homeowners (refinance) in the state of Tennessee.

We used relevant ad creatives, advanced targeting methods, and conversion tracking to ensure our ads reached people currently looking to purchase or refinance a home.


TN Mortgages refinance ad
TN Mortgages Home Buyer Facebook Ads

Respondents took a Mortgage Lead Survey


We created an advertising funnel inside Cumulus Pro with a customized survey.

The leads were asked between 10-13 questions about their mortgage needs, income, credit score, bankruptcy filings, and much more.

The system scored the leads for quality. Leads with a low likely hood of getting funded were not assigned to a loan officer. 

TN Mortgages Lead Survey

The Qualified Lead was Assigned to the Next LO in the Rotation (Round Robin)


There was no bidding for leads or competing against other LOs to make first contact. 

Each new lead was assigned to only ONE loan officer. Our system rotated LOs so that leads were dispersed evenly among users.

The officer assigned the lead was the only one who could see the lead’s information and contact them.

We Introduced the LO to the Lead & Asked the Lead to Schedule a Consultation

As soon as our system matched an LO with a lead Cumulus Pro sent out an email and text message to the LO alerting them of the opportunity.

The lead was automatically sent a text and email that looked like it came directly from the LO and included a request and link to book a consultation.

If the lead didn’t respond, follow-up emails and texts were sent automatically on behalf of the LO.

When a consultation was booked, both the lead and the LO were sent a calendar notification. Reminder notifications were sent one day and one hour before scheduled appointments.


TN Mortgages Loan Match Notifications

When a Lead was Marked Funded, Cumulus Pro sent a Review Request


Online reviews are the new word of mouth. People will search for and see what others say about a provider or business. We helped our LOs stand out from the competition by having more high-quality reviews.

It’s simple. When a lead was marked funded, we sent the lead an email and text asking them to leave a review for the LO online. Our system gave them direct links to the LOs Google Business listing, Facebook Business page, or another review site of their choice. 

Our TN Mortgages Marketing Members Also Got:

System Training

We built a virtual training library that taught users everything they needed to know about using the TN Mortgages Marketing System. Available 24/7, they could learn or refresh their memory at any time.

ROI Reports

Reporting was simple. When the LO closed a lead they entered the loan value into our system. Once they marked the lead as funded our reports showed them how much business was closed each month.

Social Media Tools

As a bonus, we provided the LOs with training and tools to elevate their social media presence and attract more clients and followers.

Our Work


We pride ourselves on quality design and marketing services. 

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