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There is an easier way to attract mortgage leads in Tennessee


TN Mortgages

Done for you marketing that attracts new leads, schedules consultations and generates online reviews for you.


Which one sounds the most like you?


I’m just starting and don’t know where to start. I don’t know a lot of people and don’t want to harass my friends and family for leads.

I don’t have time to network and attend events. I have a busy life and chose this profession to have more work/life balance.

I’ve done all the networking and I’m burnt out. Lenders are a dime a dozen and I’ve exhausted all my contacts.

I get marketing dollars from my brokerage but I don’t know what to do with them. Most advertising I’ve tried hasn’t worked.

I’ve tried a few different types of lead-generating websites and they all seem to be the same. They charge too much, sell the same lead to multiple loan officers and make me feel like I’m in a race against time trying to contact the lead first.

The last thing you want to do is rely on ineffective marketing strategies that take up more of your time and make you work harder.

Many LOs I’ve talked to feel the same way.

You are not alone

The old strategies: newspaper, mailers, magazines; are expensive & time-consuming.
The new online strategies are super expensive & highly competitive.

What if:

  • You could affordably advertise to new home buyers & refinance candidates in the entire state of Tennessee?
  • You had new leads delivered to your email and phone without having to chase them?
  • Leads automatically scheduled time to talk to you about their mortgage needs?
  • After you closed on a loan, your clients provided quality online reviews on your website and social media?

I’m here to tell you, it’s not only possible, – I’ve mapped out the “exact” done-for-you Mortgage Marketing System that attracts clients & grows your mortgage business!

THE AVERAGE LO COULD ADD $20,000 - $72,000+ to their annual income just by closing 1-3 more loans a month!

Instead of hustling and chasing down new business to get those few extra closings a month, the TN Mortgage Marketing System lets you reach potential clients across the state, without bidding for leads, chasing down prospects, or trying to find good times to connect. 



Our mortgage Lead system:


  • Advertises online through Google Ads & Social Media to people actively looking for mortgage lenders in the state of Tennessee.
  • Verifies lead quality with a long-form survey that determines the leads income, credit score, loan requirements, and much more. Leads not deemed good quality are not passed on to you.
  • Sends you dedicated leads. You and only you will get the lead information from a qualified lead. No bidding. No trying to outrun other agents to the lead.
  • Contacts the lead for you. Once a lead has been assigned to you, the system will send follow-up emails and texts to the lead encouraging them to book a consultation with you. You don’t waste time chasing the lead.
  • Schedules consultation appointments for you. You tell us when you want to be available for appointments and decide if you want the appointment to be a call or video chat.
  • Sends email and text reminders to you and your lead about your upcoming appointments. Reduces no-shows and forgotten appointments.
  • Allows you to easily track your return on investment (ROI) with your marketing. You know which leads came from TN Mortgages and can see reports on how much business you’ve closed with the system.
  • Makes it easy to build your reviews online. More high quality reviews online improve your SEO and increase organic (FREE) leads to you.

if you are:

Tired of working harder, without the results to show for it.

Burned out from spending all day on your phone, refreshing your inbox and at networking events.

Ready to feel more ease and confidence in where you spend your marketing dollars

Only needing a few more extra closings a month to make your goals

 …then the TN Mortgages Marketing System is for you.

Attention Please


What Industry Professionals say about Cloud Cycle Marketing.


I’ve provided marketing solutions to National lenders, local originators, and housing industry service providers since 2010.

– Britney Wilson, Owner | Cloud Cycle Marketing
& Builder of the TN Mortgages Marketing System.

Britney is my go-to person.

Her acumen for color, detail, advertising, marketing, and strategy is what sets her apart from others. Her honesty, integrity, creativity, attention to detail and meeting deadlines make her my #1 resource. I highly recommend.

Ken Michael

co-CEO, iServe Residential Lending

She made the process simple, yet the results were exponential.

Britney Wilson at Cloud Cycle Marketing did a fabulous job in developing and initiating a Google review campaign for Gateway Title Services. She made the process simple, yet the results were exponential. I plan on running the campaign with her again in the near future. Capable, professional and effective.

Mary Fugitt

Client Relations MGR, Gateway Title

22 5-Star Reviews on Google in One Month!

Cloud Cycle Marketing was very helpful in helping to promote our company in a postive light! Britney was also very communicative!!!

Bonnie Wigley

Office Manager, Gateway Title

You have

a Choice

Option #1:

Keep doing what you’re doing – exhausting your contact list… trying to figure out how to get in front of more people, wondering what to do next.

Option #2:

Get enrolled now & fast-track your results with statewide leads, automatic consultation scheduling, and  online review generation from Cloud Cycle’s TN Mortgages Lead System.


How it works

The TN Mortgages Lead System at a Glance

We Run Ads on Facebook, Instagram & Google.

We get the word out by targeting potential homebuyers (new mortgage) and current homeowners (refinance) in the state of Tennessee. 

We use advanced targeting methods and conversion tracking to ensure our ads get in front of people currently looking to purchase or refinance a home.


TN Mortgages refinance ad
TN Mortgages Home Buyer Facebook Ads

Respondents take a Mortgage Lead Survey


Our leads are asked between 10-13 questions about their mortgage needs, income, credit score, bankruptcy filings, and much more.

Our system scores the leads for quality. Leads with a low likely hood of getting funded are not assigned to a loan officer.

We provide you with quality leads that have been prescreened. 

TN Mortgages Lead Survey

The Lead is Assigned to the Next LO in the Rotation (Round Robin)


There is no bidding for leads here or trying to compete against other LOs to make first contact. 

Each new lead is assigned to only ONE loan officer. Our system rotates LOs so that leads are dispersed evenly among our users.

The officer assigned the lead is the only one who can see the lead’s information and contact them.

We Introduce You to Your Lead & Ask the Lead to Schedule a Consultation


As soon as our system matches you with a lead we send out an email and text message to both you and your lead. 

Your lead sees your company email, phone, NMLS # and any other information you would like included in your signature. The communications look like they came directly from you and include a schedule link where the lead can book a phone consultation with you.

We even send follow-up emails and texts on your behalf so you can focus on other things beside chasing down leads. 

You get notifications sent to you whenever you get a new lead with all their survey information. You also get notified when a lead schedules a consultation as well. Reminder notifications will be sent to make sure no one forgets an appointment. 


TN Mortgages Loan Match Notifications

When You Mark a Lead as Funded, We Send a Review Request


Online reviews are the new word of mouth. People will search for you and see what others say about you. We help you stand out from the competition by having more high-quality reviews.

It’s simple. When you mark a lead as funded we will send the lead an email asking them to leave you a review at your preferred online site. We recommend your Google My Business listing or Facebook page but can direct them to any online review site you prefer.

As a TN Mortgages Marketing Member You Also Get:

System Training

We have a virtual training library that teaches you everything you need to know about how to use the TN Mortgages Marketing System. Available 24/7. Learn at your leisure. Refresh your memory at any time.

ROI Reports

Reporting is simple. When you close a lead enter the loan value into our system. Once you mark the lead as funded you will be able to pull reports and see how much business you closed from our marketing system.

Social Media Tools

Bonus! We will provide you with training and tools to elevate your social media presence and attract more clients and followers. 


Choose your Preferred plan


For less than running a month’s worth of ads in most local newspapers, you get statewide advertising, appointment scheduling, and review generation.

*All plans require a 3-month contract




Why is there a 3 Month Contract to Start?

The average loan takes 30-50 days to close. This means that LOs who receive leads and applications in month one will not be able to close those loans until month 2 or 3. The three-month contract insures you get the time to fully evaluate and reap the rewards of the TN Mortgages Marketing System.

What's my obligation after 3 months?

After your initial 3 month contract, you can cancel anytime with a 30-day notice. You will have access to the TN Mortgages Marketing System for the remaining month in which you paid. Your membership will be canceled the following month and your access to our system removed. 

How does scheduling work? How does the system know my availability?

Our system connects to your Google calendar. If you do not have a Google calendar they are easy to get and free to use.

You will tell us what days and times you wish to offer consultations. When a lead requests an appointment our system will check your Google calendar during those days and times to see if there is an opening.

When a lead books with you, you will get a notification of the booking. If the time doesn’t work for you, you can go into the system and reschedule the appointment.

It is important that you keep the Google calendar connected to our system up-to-date and accurate to prevent scheduling conflicts. 

Can I specify how I want to meet/do appointments with my leads?

Yes. You can tell us how you would prefer to do your appointments. The most popular options are:

  • Video chat – (Preferred method) You provide us with your chat meeting link and chat instructions (usually provided by your software). We include your virtual chat instructions in the appointment invite and information. Most video chat platforms allow you to share documents or share screens in real-time. 
  • Phone call – provide us with the number you prefer to receive calls and we include this in your leads appointment confirmation and reminders. 
  • In-Person – (we don’t recommend this as our leads can be located anywhere in the state of Tennessee) If you have a physical location that you prefer for client consultations we can include the address in appointment confirmations and reminders. 
How many applications can I expect with this system?

During your first 3 months expect to have 1-3 completed apps by the 3rd month. After that, you should average 1 per month.

Will I be taught how to use the system?

Yes. Upon signing up you will be given access to the Cloud Cycle Marketing* learning library for TN Mortgages. 

Here you will find videos, guides, and lessons for each aspect of the marketing system as well as bonus material to help you promote yourself outside TN Mortgages. 

The learning library is available 24/7 and can be done at your own pace. You can log in any time to refresh your memory or get answers if you are having questions.

*TN Mortgages is a marketing system provided by Cloud Cycle Marketing.

How much time do I need to spend in the system daily?

The system was built to free up the amount of time you spend acquiring leads. We recommend logging in to the system a few times a week to update your leads loan status so that you get online reviews and accurate reports. 

Depending on the number of leads you have this could require 20 or more minutes a week in our system. 

Do I have to communicate with & work my leads through the marketing system?

No. Once a lead is assigned we send you an email and text message with all the lead’s information. We also send the lead an email and text with your contact information. 

From there you can contact/work the lead however you normally would. Just remember our system will continue to contact the lead on your behalf to encourage them to schedule a consultation with you. 

You shouldn’t have to contact your lead until their consultation appointment. After the consultation, you will work the lead as you do other clients outside our system.

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